Pure Pipes=Pure Water=Good Health. Electrotherm’s Pursuit of manufacturing excellence guarantees excellent means of transporting water, which in turn means ‘access to pure, clean water’. ELECTROTHERM offers guarantee/warrantee due to having following salient features of Ductile Iron Pipes:

  • High Elongation(Ductility)
  • High Tensile Strength, High Bursting Strength, High Beam Strength
  • Higher Corrosion and Abrasion Resistance
  • Easy Laying and Installation
  • Easy weldability that facilitates onsite fabrication
  • Higher ‘C’ Value
  • Lowest Pumping Cost , Maintenance Free
  • Long Service Life of 50 to 75 Years depending on soil conditions
  • Quicker Deliveries & Prompt After sales services

No matter what the conditions faced by the Consultant and Contractor, ELECTROTHERM has the solution to solve their problems.

Selection of a pipe, with such a high safety factor and mechanical aptitude, offers you a guarantee of long investment life and service continuity.