ELECTROTHERM is committed to exceed customer’s expectations in quality, supply and service.

The range comprises of Socket and Spigot end Ductile Iron Pipes suitable for Push-on Joints as per IS 8329, BS EN 545, BS EN 598 & ISO 2531.

Size DN 80 to DN 1200 (including DN 125 & DN 750)
Class Class K7 & K9
Length Standard Length
Internal Lining Cement mortar lining as per requirement with ordinary Portland Cement and Sulphate Resisting Cement conforming to relevant ISO, IS, BS EN standards.
External Coating Metallic Zinc (130 gm/m2 or 200 gm/m2 or 400 gm/m2 as per the customer's requirement) complying to relevant ISO, IS, BS EN standards with a finishing layer of Black Bitumen / Epoxy Coating (minimum thickness 70 micron) as per the customer's requirement.
Electrotherm (India) Limited is the first Indian Manufacturer of Ductile Iron Pipes to have widest range from DN 80 to DN 1200 (Including DN 125 & DN 750) in Class K7 & K9.