ELECTROTHERM's Ductile Iron Pipes with socket-spigot Push-on-joint System is developed and designed to ensure perfect tightness resulting from contact pressure between the rubber gasket inserted in the socket and the spigot end of the connected pipes.

When the pipeline is in operation, the tightness of the whole Push-on-joint System is further strengthened by the water pressure.

The Push-on-joint System allows some angular deflection (as shown below) and provides some flexibility to the pipeline with no interference on the tightness.

Without any risk of losing its tightness, the pipeline can adjust to the movements of soil. This Push-on-joint System is also particularly recommended in areas with unstable soils and seismic activities.

The Push-on-joint System, due to the allowable angular deflection, enables to adjust the pipeline route design with a higher radian and subsequently optimize construction cost and time.

The Push-on-joint System, due to the rubber gasket isolating action, prevents early corrosion of pipelines resulting from stray electric currents.

Ductile Iron Pipelines combine outstanding mechanical properties and exceptional functional features of the Push-on-joint System, allowing a safe and long-term operation even in the most difficult environments such as heavy road traffic, unstable soil, seismic areas or areas with stray electric currents.